•    The school is committed to maximising the achievement of all pupils
•    There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.  Good attendance is an important consideration when applying for any post-16 placement, whether at College or employment
•    Regular attendance is vital if pupils are to benefit fully from the academic, personal and social opportunities which are offered to them within Newman School
•    Parents/carers play an important role in supporting the school and encouraging pupils to reach good attendance levels
•    A broad and balanced education is dependent on regular attendance at school
•    Newman School will take appropriate action to promote and encourage good attendance


What Newman School expects of the pupils

•    To attend regularly
•    To arrive on time, appropriately prepared for the day
•    Where possible to inform the class teacher of any reason that will prevent them from attending school

What Newman School expects of parents/carers

•    To fulfil their responsibility by ensuring their children attend regularly and are always on time for the school transport

•    To ensure that they contact Mrs Day in the school office on the first day their child is unable to attend, either directly or send a written message with the school transport

•    To ensure their child arrives well prepared for the school day (equipment, completed homework, for example)

•    To contact the class  or the Headteacher in confidence whenever any problem occurs that may keep their child away from school

•    To inform the Class Teacher or Headteacher and seek authorisation for any forthcoming appointments and, where possible, arrange appointments outside of the school day
•    To ensure the continuity of their child’s education by taking holidays during the school holiday period and, in exceptional circumstances where this is not possible, to request leave in term time by completing the application in advance of the holiday

What parents can expect of Newman School

•    A broad and balanced education that is dependent on regular attendance at school

•    The encouragement and promotion of good attendance

•    Regular, efficient and accurate recording of attendance

•    Prompt action on any problems notified

•    Close liaison to parents/carers of their child’s attendance record through regular reports home

•    Newman School will record all attendance-related incoming messages prom parents and notify the relevant persons

Newman School Response to Attendance Issues

•    Newman School will identify and monitor pupils whose attendance gives cause for alarm

•    Appropriate strategies will be employed in order to address the attendance of individual pupils

•    The school will record all attendance-related incoming messages from parents, notifying the Class Teacher and Headteacher

•    The school will endeavour to contact home on the first day of absence in cases where no satisfactory reason has been received to explain a pupil’s absence

•    When a pupil is absent and contact cannot be made by telephone, a standard letter will be sent home

•    Where Newman School procedures have failed to contact the home or poor attendance persists, the school will make a referral to the EWO, who will liaise with the relevant staff

•    School and year group attendance data will be collected, analysed and monitored.  The school will respond to any areas of concern identified

Involvement of Parents/Carers

•    Newman School believes that it is vitally important that parents are actively engaged in promoting good attendance

•    The school will react as quickly and assertively as possible to any parental concerns.  Parents will be encouraged to make contact with school to discuss any issues impacting on their child’s attendance

Attendance Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Management

•    The Senior member of staff with responsibility for attendance is the Headteacher, who will:

o    Develop, monitor and review the Attendance Policy

o    Produce and distribute attendance information for parents/carers

o    Support all staff in their work related to attendance

o    Collate attendance data for the DfES, LEA and the Governors

o    Liaise with the LEA over any attendance targets and school strategy

Class teachers

This is an important role and requires the Class Teacher to:

•    Complete registers accurately and return them as soon as possible to the school’s designated areas

•    Have regular discussions with pupils about the importance of regular attendance, in line with the school’s procedures

•    Monitor individuals as well as whole Registration Group attendance, in line with the school’s procedures

•    Identify trends in the attendance of individual pupils and respond appropriately

Newman School Attendance Officer

The Attendance Officer – Mrs Day, is responsible for:

•    Telephoning parents on the first day of absence when pupils are absent without notification

•    Communicating the reason for absence to the relevant members of staff

•    Sending home a letter requesting the reason for absence

•    Completing statistical returns for LLA and DCFS

•    Liaising with the Education Welfare Officer

Newman School Governing Body

•    Received information from the Headteacher and/or EWO on attendance

•    Will be involved in setting any school targets on attendance

•    Will report to parents in their Annual Report on issues relating to attendance

•    Will contribute to plans in response to where attendance is a cause for concern

•    Support the school in its efforts to raise attendance


This Policy has been developed in consultation with Governors and school staff

It will be reviewed in September 2012