The work below has been internally and externally moderated through Newman working with local schools and schools in neighbouring authorities, currently in Sheffield and Barnsley. Links are being developed with schools further afield, including Hope School in Liverpool, to enable greater scrutiny of outcomes for our children.

External moderation sessions take place each half term and cover English, Maths, Science and IT. The timetable of Moderation Meetings is circulated to partner schools. If additional professionals, including colleagues in mainstream, would like to join us, then you would be most welcome. Please contact Newman School for dates of meetings.

To access moderated examples, click on each link below. Moderated examples of work will be added on an on-going basis. We welcome wider moderation feedback, so please contact school for the attention of Katharine Ryan-Murray to respond to specific examples:

  English Maths Science IT  
Stage One-1          
Stage One-2          
Stage One- 3          
Stage Two-1          
Stage Two-2          
Stage Two-3          
Stage Three-1          
Stage Three-2          
Stage Three-3          
Stage Four-1          
Stage Four-2          
Stage Four-3          
Newman Tracker 1          
Newman Tracker 2          
Newman Tracker 3          
Newman Tracker 4          
Newman Tracker 5          
Newman Tracker 6          
Entry 1          
Entry 2          
Entry 3          
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