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The work below has been internally and externally moderated through Newman working with local schools and schools in neighbouring authorities, currently in Sheffield and Barnsley. Links are being developed with schools further afield, including Hope School in Liverpool, to enable greater scrutiny of outcomes for our children.

External moderation sessions take place each half term and cover English, Maths, Science and IT. The timetable of Moderation Meetings is circulated to partner schools. If additional professionals, including colleagues in mainstream, would like to join us, then you would be most welcome. Please contact Newman School for dates of meetings.

To access moderated examples, click on each link below. Moderated examples of work will be added on an on-going basis. We welcome wider moderation feedback, so please contact school for the attention of Katharine Ryan-Murray to respond to specific examples:

  English Maths Science IT  
Stage One-1          
Stage One-2          
Stage One- 3          
Stage Two-1          
Stage Two-2          
Stage Two-3          
Stage Three-1          
Stage Three-2          
Stage Three-3          
Stage Four-1          
Stage Four-2          
Stage Four-3          
Newman Tracker 1          
Newman Tracker 2          
Newman Tracker 3          
Newman Tracker 4          
Newman Tracker 5          
Newman Tracker 6          
Entry 1          
Entry 2          
Entry 3          

NAR Report 2016Newman Additional Resource (NAR) is a new (May 2014) provision to support young people (year 7 to year 14) with significant and complex learning needs. The young people may experience neuro development conditions with social, emotional and communication needs, pervasive developmental disorders, Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC); resulting in high social and emotional vulnerability. The Resource is for young people who cannot access a mainstream provision, when bespoke individual learning/personalised interventions have been exhausted.

Newman Additional Resource, is sited adjacent to Newman Main School and has recently (spring 2014 and summer 2015) undergone extensive refurbishment to provide bespoke facilities. The Resource has an extensive open (grass) space to the front of the building facilitating outdoor activities such as physical education, gardening, practical learning and team building games in a safe and secure environment. Within the Resource there are two sensory rooms, a gymnasium, a catering kitchen, a common room and bespoke teaching and learning areas to meet individual needs within a low sensory environment.

Teaching and learning is supported by a good student to staff ratio, facilitating flexible and responsive learning programmes personalised to young people’s individual needs, strengths and interests. The broad and balanced adapted national curriculum incorporates social, communication, emotional, thinking and problem solving skills.

The Resource Team includes a Teacher in Charge, four full time Teachers, Transition Officer, a Family Support Worker, thirteen Classroom Support Assistants and two Administration Staff. The team works in a positive, collaborative, interdisciplinary way and employs an Occupational Therapist qualified in Sensory Integration (1/2 day per week), and an Educational Psychologist (1/2 day per week).

A true partnership with families is established from initial consultation, through transition planning into responsive daily support and communication. Reducing the young people’s anxiety, by working with, and supporting families using targeted interventions, social and communication programmes, sensory processing and other recognised therapeutic approaches.

The resource team works holistically with Local Authority Education, Health and Social Care professionals and other organisations/ agencies, to further develop each pupil’s independence and life skills, providing work experience alongside academic qualifications, nationally accredited courses and onward pathways for Post 19 provisions.

Please click on the image above to download a copy of the Newman Additional Resource report.


"I just wanted to say how pleased I am that NB came to your school, you have met his needs and he is doing really well. you are available to talk to and take all my suggestions positively, Thank You."

NAR Parent

NAR Curriculum

The creative and responsive curriculum includes: English (Literacy), Maths (Numeracy), Health & Social Care, Science, Humanities, Music, Music Technology, Art, Food, Personal and Social Development, Independent Life Skills, Social Communication, ICT, Swimming, Horse Riding Rebound Therapy and individual topics based on personal interests/research; For Example, gardening and creative crafts.

We are happy to provide you with further information:

Parents/ Carers: further information relating to the curriculum may be obtained via your child’s form teacher/ tutor.

Members of the public: please use the CONTACT tab on the home page, and address your enquiries regarding the curriculum to Paul Silvester, Head Teacher, via email, phone or letter as required.

Learning Skills

Alongside our curriculum, we also teach six main learning skills ( problem solving, communication, resilience, team work, reflection, critical and creative thinking).We teach these basic skills as we want to enable all our children to develop and equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed for life. These learning skills are introduced to children from Primary level as appropriate, with the children being taught to talk about and reflect upon their learning. As the children move into Y7, the skills are reinforced through the introduction of the learning skills characters which are below:






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