General School News

This week in RE lessons we have been saying thank you for all our lovely food and the people who provide us with it. We have learned about Makku, a teenager in Kenya who has much less food than we have.

harvest trees

We made a thank you tree to show how grateful we are.

Well done to all our young people who have proved to themselves what they are capable of.

They have all achieved so much in just a few days. Don't forget to ask them all about it if you see them round school!

We thought it couldn't get any better, but it did! Our young people have worked their socks off and pushed themselves as far as they could. They have encouraged, supported and congratulated each other throughout the day.

Every staff member on the residential is so pleased with the progress each young person has made, doing things that they thought they could not do.

What a day; team rope swing, fire lighting and shelter building!

'I've overcome my fear, I am so proud.' - Sarah (before today Sarah was scared of heights!), what a difference a day makes...

Our young people have been amazingly brave and resilient. All the staff here are proud of each and every one of them.

Each of the young people have chosen their favourite photograph of the day.

All our young people have arrived and settled in at Lea Green.


The facilities here are top notch and our young people have a busy week ahead.

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