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It's finally here... Enjoy!


Class 3.1 had a brilliant time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Check out their fantastic literacy work that they did afterwards.


Some of our pupils had a go at recreating this classic movie poster - we think they did a pretty good job! Well done Xander and Aiden. (Click for a larger image).

Lewis D completed some amazing RE work this week. He showed that he can learn about religion, but also from it. Have a look at what he has to say about the Buddha;

He was very rich and he had everything but his life didn't feel complete. He sneaked out of the palace, there was an old guy, an injured guy, a dead guy and a poor guy who was peaceful. The Buddha sat under a tree and said "I won't stop thinking until I have figured out why he is peaceful." People started following him and called him 'Buddha' who is a teacher.

He said you can be poor and happy but nowadays it doesn't work like that, people have changed. I can see that when new games consoles come out, people get hyped and always want the new one.

These incredible photographs were sent my way from class P3 (Mrs Grundy's class) - they have been learning about photography as part of their ICT/Technology lessons with Mr Goodchild.

The photos are completely unedited and presented in their original format. I was taken aback by the high quality and their eye for a stunning shot.

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