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We have celebrated the first annual teacher’s egg and spoon race.

It was a competition that had it all, big reputations, wild cards, disqualifications and a worthy winner. One of the pre-tournament favourties, Ms Love, who thought that the competition was in the bag was visibly distraught as her egg came crashing to the floor effectively ending her championship hopes. After two rounds of gruelling battle the competitors were whittled down to the finest two racers in the Northern Hempisphere*. The ‘Mighty’ Mr Goodchild vs The ‘Wizard’ Ms West. In a tense race, both made mistakes but Mr Goodchild was the quicker to recover and took a dramatic win by photo finish.

Afterwards, Mr Goodchild was heard to say ‘All these years of training have paid off. For me, it is one of the greatest sporting events on earth.’

We have photo evidence of one unscrupulous cheater, see if you can spot him!

*that happened to be at Newman School on the 23rd of March 2018

Our postponed World Book Day finally took place last Friday, and it was fantastic to see so many students and staff dressed to impress as their favourite characters. The whole school got involved and the day culminated in a competitive quiz in the hall which everyone enjoyed. Here are just a few photos with more to follow!

Some pupils from KS3 and 4 spent an enjoyable day on Ethel Barge this week.

Despite the rain we had a great time! Everyone joined in and even had a turn at steering the barge.

In KS5 RE we are thinking about our school and how it compares to others across the world. Send my Friend to School is a charity that raises awareness of children across the world who don't have access to basic standards of education. We have learned about Agrina, a 15 year old pupil who walks 3 hours a day across dangerous terrain just to get to school. We made some fabulous collages about our own school community.

Superhero Ray Matthews is organising Rotherham's first ever city centre 10k fun run.


Not content with his 75 marathons and desert ultra running local hero Ray Matthews in conjunction with Age UK has planned a route that will take runners in around Rotherham town centre.

For more information about the race that will take place on Sunday 6th May 2018, please click here.

As part of the 6th form work hat they are doing with MENCAP they have done a full day of volunteering at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. They split into two groups, the first group painted a fence and the second group cleaned and sorted items to be sold in their shops.

I think all our pupils are absolutey shattered as they put in 100% effort for this amazing charity. Well done!

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