During assembly on the 22nd of June pupils voted for the new head of the student council for the end of this year and the upcoming academic year.


Three members of the current student council put themselves forward to be the new chairperson. The candidates were asked two questions:

Why would you be a good student council chairperson?

What would you like to change around school?


The answers were presented to all pupils in assembly, a selection of the the answers are below.

Why would you be a good student council chairperson?



I am good at organising.

I am good at listening to ideas.

I am good at listening to problems.


I like to solve problems.

I would like the challenge of being student council chairperson.

I want school to be perfect.


 I have the best interests of the students comfort at heart.

I would make student council more open to suggestions of students from all round school.

I will use the resources given to me economically and most efficiently.

The winner was CG with 50% of the votes, H G-J was second with 29% of the votes and in third place was B A with 21% of the votes.

Congratulations to C G on your election victory.

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