The staff of Newman School marked National Self Care Week 12-18 November by thinking about emotional wellbeing. As part of this they planned a Parent/ Carer day on Thursday 15 November, with lots of activities including crafts with the theme, 'Who am I?', using photos to explore self image, and the opportunity to help build the greenhouse! Students from Oakwood led a wonderful session of hand massage and manicures, and Rotherham Samaritans facilitated a very useful session exploring the challenges of being a parent or carer. Many of the young people had the chance to explore relaxation through an introduction to yoga during the week. The Samaritans also led powerful sessions with the older pupils, exploring feelings and ways to manage them.
National Roast Dinner Day was celebrated in school by inviting parents and carers, visitors and representatives of the local community to share a roast dinner with the children, which included carrots grown by the children themselves. Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive, with plans for a regular Parent / Carer Forum to be set up.