We went to Rawmarsh and we learned about animation. We did an animation and a book about Sluggles.


We made an eBook, with pictures and writing. The eBook had fifteen pages of writing and pictures. We each made 2 or 3 pages. We had already written the story in Mr T's English lessons.




We moved the slugs in the animation. We moved the slugs a bit at a time, because it would look silly if it went really fast. We had to make the pictures big and small. We gave the slugs bones! With bones the slugs were able to dance and do a jig.


This is what we thought of the day:


Marcus - 'It was a fantastic day.'

Liam - 'I want to go again because it was fantastic.'

Charlotte - 'It was a fabulous day.'

Channelle 'Good [thumbs up].'

Miriam - 'Today was brilliant.'

Lucy - 'It was an exciting day.'

Sarah - 'It was brilliant because we all had a fantastic day and we all had fun!'

Megan - 'It was awesome, we all had a lot of fun and we made an animation.'

Leon - 'Marvellous.'



By Megan J, Sarah, Lucy, Miriam, Channelle, Charlotte, Marcus and Liam.