To our wonderful class,
Thank you for an amazing year,
Full of fun, laughs and happiness,
As well as the occasional tear.

You’ve impressed us how you’ve learned to play,
You’ve tried your best the whole year through,
Your effort did not stop or sway,
Your friendships have become strong and true.

Our displays have been incredible,
Colourful and bright,
The work you’ve done has always been a wonderful delight.

Kyron is so funny and always makes us laugh,
One day his dancing will be famous so we need his autograph!

Michaela is a singing star with such an angelic voice,
She’s sweet, and kind and loving, and always makes the right choice.

Jay always works hard and plays hard as well,
He loves to share with us, how well he’s learned to spell.

Thomas is always cheerful, with a smile as sweet as cake,
He is a super chef who loves to help us when we bake!

Aidan makes fantastic models, his smile lights up the place,
There’s no other child who knows more about the planets and about space!

A class of stars that we have been lucky to meet,
Teaching you these years has been a wonderful treat.
Thank you for such a fantastic time,
And for reading this terrible rhyme!

We know next year you’ll be a HUGE success,
Because you always try your best.

Good luck as you move up the school, we have loved watching you grow,
Remember to always keep your cool – we will all miss you so!

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