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An Enterprise Skills Fair to show local employers what young people with learning difficulties can do

Students at Newman Special School organised an Enterprise Skills Fair to show local employers what they could do. The strap line of the event was - Employ me!!

Students at Newman Special School worked with a local business owner to show local employers the unique skills they have to offer the labour market. The students showcased their skills at Newman’s end of term ‘Enterprise Skills Fair’. 

Students from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 were involved in different ways, including making and selling hand crafted products, arranging games and serving refreshments to parents, carers and siblings. Students produced their own marketing, considered everyone’s role, planned their stall and displays and handled money at the event.  Engagement and independence skills were at the top of the agenda on the day while staff took a step back and let students lead wherever possible. Everyone who attended was very impressed and these are just a couple of comments made by parents/carers – Carole said 'There is a wonderful array of handmade goods. I was impressed with a student using his talker to sell candles' and Marie commented upon how 'Lovely and well set out the event was and everyone looked happy' She went on to say that 'this event shows what the kids are capable of'.

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P.E. and Sport Premium 2015-2016 /2016-17

How we spent last year’s P.E. and Sport Premium:-

Swimming is an extremely beneficial physical activity and skill for most of the primary children at Newman School. It is particularly valuable for children who spend time in their wheelchairs as it facilitates supported freedom of movement.

In order that as many children as possible can swim each week, we employ three additional staff on swimming day. This is necessary as many children need considerable support with changing, including hoisting from wheelchairs to changing bed to pool. All children with a history of seizures must be observed/supported 1:1. This additional staffing has been possible because of the P.E. and Sport Premium.

New Velcro connecting mats were purchased to enable children to be active safely in the hall. Some children are hoisted onto this hygienic, padded surface to move as they are able and access a range of appropriate equipment. Ambulant children can, for example run and roll safely.

Large, dance studio mirrors were purchased to help children who have challenges with proprioception, for example unaware of when their hands are stretched up above their heads. The children can now watch themselves hold positions and copy movements.

A smaller proportion of the funding has been used to employ the extra staff needed, and to pay for transport to Sport events with other schools.

P.E. and Sport Premium Allocation for the current academic year is £8,100.

We intend to continue to use the Sport and P.E. Premium to staff swimming during 2016-2017.

Since there are no major outlays on equipment in 2016-2017 we shall also use the funding to enable children to get to more Sports events where they can participate with children from other special and mainstream schools. This will give the opportunity for our children to work, play and socialise with other children with a range of cognitive and physical abilities and challenges.




Latest School Menu - Monday 18th April 2016







  Main Meal  



Pasta Bolognaise (Homemade)
Jacket Potato with a Selection of Fillings
Garlic Bread
Seasonal Vegetables





    Cornflake Tart & Custard
Bun & Milk





  Main Meal  



Chicken Fajita
Cheese Flan (Homemade/Vegetarian)
Potato Wedges
Seasonal Vegetables 










Chocolate Brownie
Ice Cream & Fruit



  Main Meal  

Hot Dog
Jacket Potato with a Selection of Fillings
Diced Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables 







Iced Sponge & Custard






  Main Meal  

Roast Gammon served with Pineapple
French Bread Pizza (Homemade)
Roast & Creamed Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables







Fruit Crumble & Custard





  Main Meal  

Seaside Style Fish Goujons
Tomato Pasta Bake (Homemade/Vegetarian)
Garlic Bread
Seasonal Vegetables





Lemon Shortcake & Custard
Cookie & Juice


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