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Contact us at by writing at:

Michaela Glarvey

Newman School

East Bawtry Road,



S60 3LX

Newman Dinnington Site

Newman School Dinnington Site

Doe Quarry Lane,



S25 2NF

Main phone: 01709828262 

Resource (NAR): 01709362542 

Dinnington site: 01709242586

Fax: 01709821162


If you require any of the information on this website as a paper copy, then we are more than happy to provide that for you.

Contact us by any of the contact methods on this page and leave your name and address and we will send the information via post, or have it available to collect from our reception.


General enquiries at Newman Main Site 

Address enquiries to: Lucy Dalton

General enquiries at Newman Additional Resource 

Address enquiries to: Michaela Glarvey

General enquiries at Dinnington Site and Curriculum Information

Address enquiries to: Emma Love

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