Hydrotherapy Pool

The best bit about the hydrotherapy pool is that no matter what sessions the pupils have taken part in, they all have fun!

Adel - Swimming teacher

Exciting times at Newman school with our new hydrotherapy pool, we are so proud to be able to offer our pupils something more every day of the school week.

Our new pool opened in September 2019 and we have already had a most of our pupils in the pool enjoying the water. We use the hydrotherapy pool for a range of different activities some of our children use the pool to help them with their physio exercises, as being in warm water relaxes their muscles and gives the pupils more movement, a bit more freedom to stretch and to get the most out of their daily exercises.

Our pupils use different techniques and floatation aids to create a resistance in the water to help build strength in whatever part of their body they are working on. We have a full time and qualified swimming teacher based in the hydrotherapy pool.  This allows some of our pupils that have not yet learnt to swim to have a swimming lesson every week to build up their confidence in the water. We also use our hydrotherapy pool for relaxation and sensory sessions where we have a range of different toys and equipment what all the children really enjoy the sensory pool lights and Jacuzzi bubbles seem to be a big hit with our young ones.

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