For more information about admissions to Newman School, please contact;

All young people who attend Newman School require an EHCP, if this is not in place then parents/carers need to discuss this with the young person’s current education provider. For more information about Rotherham’s EHCP process please follow this link

Rotherham SEND Offer

Application and Admissions Process

When an EHCP is in place, parents/carers can arrange a visit so that they able to view the setting and ask questions to staff within the school.

If parents/carers think that Newman School would be a suitable placement for their child then they would need to call an annual review at their current educational setting and request a change of placement naming Newman School as the destination.

The EHCP will be forwarded to the EHCP team who will review the updated information.

The EHCP team will send the consultation paperwork in to school. The Senior Leadership Team will review the paperwork and respond accordingly within 15 working days.

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