Newie, our school dog

There has been a vast amount of research published recently that supports the use of dogs within school in order to enhance students’ experiences and development.

Dogs can teach students responsibility – Having to remember to feed, provide water, exercise and train a do can give students a sense of importance and satisfaction that they cannot get from other school experiences. The relationships that develop can be life changing for students and a great support in order to reduce stress and anxiety, both for students and staff.

Dogs can teach students patience –Dogs need training and clear boundaries; they do not always do as they are told first time!

Dogs can teach students compassion – Dogs, just like humans, feel emotion and pain.

Dogs can teach students about socialisation – Like most of us, dogs are social animals who enjoy and need attention and affection. By learning how to intercat with a dog, students can learn how to better socialise with others. 

Dogs are fun –They greet you with a wagging tail every day and can cheer you up even on your worst day. 

Newie The Newman School Dog joined our team in September 2019 and lives with our Science Teacher, Miss Love, and her family. He comes into school every day to interact with the students and staff. He is a black and white ‘sproodle’ – springer spaniel x poodle.

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