Preparing for Adulthood

We believe that young people with SEND should have equal life chances as they move into adulthood.

This should include paid employment and higher education, housing options and independent living, good health, friends, relationships, community inclusion and choice and control over their lives and support.

Preparing for Adulthood

To find out more about Preparing for Adulthood, please follow the link to their official website.
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If we were successful we would see the following:

•Preparing for adulthood would start from the earliest years

•Services that have a statutory responsibility would focus on how they can support people to progress towards PfA outcomes

•Mainstream agencies would be more inclusive and engaged

•Young people and their families would be involved in strategic planning and service design and would support commissioners in design and development of future services

•Local authorities would be able to evidence positive outcomes for young people

•The Local Offer would provide children, young people and their families with up-to-date and clear information on what is available locally through the Local Offer. The Local Offer will also have a feedback and review mechanism for commissioners to capture information on where the gaps are for families

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