The Resource

A true partnership with families is established from initial consultation, through transition planning into responsive daily support and communication. Reducing the young people’s anxiety, by working with, and supporting families using targeted interventions, social and communication programmes, sensory processing and other recognised therapeutic approaches.

Newman Resource Team

Newman Additional Resource supports young people (year 5 to year 14) with significant and complex learning needs. The young people may experience neuro development conditions with social, emotional and communication needs, pervasive developmental disorders, Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC); resulting in high social and emotional vulnerability. The Resource is for young people who cannot access a mainstream provision, when bespoke individual learning/personalised interventions have been exhausted.

The resource team works holistically with Local Authority Education, Health and Social Care professionals and other organisations/ agencies, to further develop each pupil’s independence/ life skills, providing work experience alongside academic qualifications, nationally accredited courses and onward pathways for Post 19 provisions.

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