KS3&4 English

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.

Dr Seuss

In Key Stage 3, we follow the National Curriculum, delivered at a pace and level that engages our learners and makes learning fun, accessible and meaningful. Typical topics may include: ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Non-Fiction such as writing leaflets about pets etc. Alongside this, we also work on key spellings and punctuation. Drama and role play is also used to further understanding of characters and their feelings. 

In Key Stage 4, students follow two main routes: Step-Up to English or GCSE. We enter students for both of these qualifications through the AQA exam board.

Step-Up to English is available in both Silver and Gold, depending on the ability of the student. Each of these levels has 3 tests to complete when the learner is ready. A test consists of a reading section, a writing section and a speaking and listening section. Examples of units we study are Gothic Horror, Volunteering and The Next Step.

At GCSE, we enter students for the English Language exam. This is taken when the student is fully prepared, regardless of whether they are KS4 or KS5. In preparation for exams, learners learn how to analyse a text for the writer’s use of language and to be able to comment on the structure of a text. Learners also have to plan and deliver a presentation on a subject of their choice.

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