KS5 English

The aim in KS5 is not only to gain a recognised qualification, but to prepare learners for leaving school and being as independent as possible in the community.

Kate Lay - English Co-ordinator

Learners in KS5 follow 2 routes: either continue working towards a GCSE or begin  Entry Level Functional Skills. In Entry Level Functional Skills, learners work towards an Entry 1, 2 or 3 qualification. In their lessons, learners will practise accessing real texts to find key information, such as a phone number for a business Entry 1, through to reading a job advert at Entry 3. 

The writing focus is very much on learning key spellings and writing in full sentences where able.  Writing for a real purpose is practised, such as writing a shopping list or an email to a friend. Learners also practise speaking and listening, for example making a phone call or an appointment.


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