As part of McDonald’s ‘The Big Tidy Up’ up campaign pupils from KS3 cleared the front of Newman School of litter.

Danielle from the local McDonald's restaurant was here to support us and give a talk on how big companies recycle waste. Danielle also supplied the pupils with high visibility vests and litter picking tools.

 KS3 Litter Pick


The blitz took about 45 minutes and in that short space of time the pupils managed to collect 3 full bags of litter. In total there have been over 100,000 bags of  litter collected as part of the campaign.

The most common form of litter that was found was empty bottles, which could have easily been recycled as they were made from either plastic or glass.

The collected litter will now be sorted out by McDonald’s staff and be sent away for recycling in their own facilitates.


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