Highslide JSStudents at Newman School have hooked up with The University of Sheffield for an enterprising new learning project.

With Newman having gained fame in the locality for our prowess in film and digital technology in educational environments, it was no surprise to hear that the university jumped at the opportunity to work with us.

Dr. Emma Moore, who is Subject Director in English Language and Linguistics commented, “Their novel approach to learning was amazing. I sat down and recorded twelve mini-tutorials in a short space of time using their equipment and approach and we were delighted with the results.

“Now some of my colleagues are eager to get involved and learn from them.”

You can see one of the short films here:


The films, which presently cover a host of topics within the study of linguistics, are just the start. It is envisaged that they will provoke Twitter and Youtube responses from University students and staff and form a “learning tree”.

This pioneering approach to learning, nicknamed “Tutube” can play a number of roles .

Head of English at Newman, Jack Todhunter explained, “It can introduce new topics, it can reinforce learning and it can aid revision…all in a much more dynamic way than picking up a book. We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious university to create new teaching materials.”

By its very nature, students are invited to get involved and generate responses in very practical ways