War horse


war-horse-movie-posterWar horse is a drama.

This film is an emotional roll coaster.

It is amazing to watch the mane character is Joey. Joey has a special bond with his owner Albert he trains him to plough his fathers field. The father doesn’t like Joey because he didn’t do anything right. Albert likes him he trained him to plough. The father tries to kill Joey but Albert stops him.  

Joey becomes a war horse when he goes to World War 1. During the war, Joey had a hard job because he got strapped to a canon. And then he made a run for it and the he got stuck in bard weir some people from both centres made effort to let him free. He meets a French girl called Emily. She loves him but she gets taken away by the Germans.

But there is a twist. Albert joins the war hoping to see Joey again. Watch the film to find out if he does. 

The main characterises in the film or the horse and Albert his owner. Albert plays a very strong part as Joey s owner and best friend to Joey. The bond between them is very strong.

My opinion of this film it is very emotional I watched parts of it throw gritted teeth. 

You should go and watch this film


By B D