OWAT mediumIt's the second week in December and the Christmas panto is well and truly behind us.

What an enormous task we have just completed...and what an amazing result!

For those of you who might have been out of the country, or on another planet, or have simply been walking round with cotton wool stuffed in your ears, the Seniors have just put on an utterly spiffing performance of their very own pantomime entitled "Oliver With A Twist!".

Loosely based on Charles Dickens' epic novel "Oliver Twist", our comic play explored the ups and downs of the life of a Victorian urchin. The script was written in class over a two month period and volunteers soon set to in order to turn the ideas into a fully-fledged theatrical event with bells and whistles.

With a tremendous new stage donated by the Masons and sparkly new theatre lights and a fantastic new wheelchair ramp, we were given a big challenge to come up with the goods, but with a set constructed by Mr Saxton and his class, the students were off to a flying start and rehearsals certainly threw up a few surprise stars in our ranks.

With twenty-six students on stage, it got slightly crowded at times but we performed two sell-out evening shows to universal applause. A rightly deserved standing ovation followed the show on Wednesday night.

With a cameo appearance of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and her Consort Prince Albert, it was good to see our show had a royal seal of approval. The surprise pyrotechnics in the second half caught many people unawares and a fantastic chorus line of urchins melted a few hearts with their enthusiastic performances.

With lots of students and staff putting in hours of extra work behind the scenes, it wasn't just those on stage who deserve the plaudits.