Newman School held a session for parents and carers on 'Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet'. PC Paul Gray from the Rotherham North Safer Neighbourhood Team gave an overview of the social networking technologies that young people are using - e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube . These are an important part of many young peoples' lives, and can be a crucial way to keep in touch. PC Gray said that education about the dangers was important in keeping young people safe online, and that parents/carers need to engage with their children about their internet use.
PC Gray showed how social networking sites have ways for people to report inappropriate material, so that action can be taken if necessary. We have already had a session in school for pupils on Internet Safety, run by Paul to explore the issues. We address e-safety with children across the school, and are keen to work with parents and carers to help keep our children safe. Parents/ carers are welcome to contact school if they want to know more, or have specific questions.

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