As part of their AQA Unit Award Scheme KS5B Media Studies group are reviewing some films.


The first film they reviewed was 'The Simpsons Movie'.


Kainat's review:

'It's good because I like it when homer and Bart go fishing. I do not like it when Homer's house is on fire. I like it at the end when Homer and his wife are dancing.'

Kamila's review:

'It's very funny when Homer's Dad started shouting in church. It's bad when Nelson was bullying Bart. It was bad when Homer had te pig and he treated it like it was a little child and Bart was upset. I liked it when Homer said sorry to his family.'

Aleysha's review:

'I like the bit when Homer leaves to save Springfield. I don't like the bit where Homer's family leave him behind in Alaska. I like the ending of the film where Homer saves Springfield.'

Ryan's review:

'The opening theme rock song is good. Good things are Flanders helping the Simpsons and Homer saving Springfield.'

Luke's review:

'Good things about the film are; Homer is romantic with Marge, Homer and Bart get back together as friends, Flanders is funny, the music. Bad things about the film are; Lisa punishes Bart, Lisa is unhappy.