Corn snakes
Ash is a corn snake, he had his first birthday on the 5th of November, his morph is an Anerythristic morph (Anery). He will grow 4-6 feet in length but because Ash is a male he won’t grow as big as a female corn snake because females grow bigger. He has light grey and brown scales with a really pretty pattern on his head. A corn snake’s lifespan is 6-8 years old in the wild but in homes and with good care Ash could live upto 10-14 years. Corn snakes are quite calm and don’t mind being handled, Ash likes to come out and slither around, but it depends on each snake’s personality. It didn’t take long for Ash to get used to being handled by me, he likes it and Ash is really friendly. He is a constrictor which means he can wrap himself around things and squeeze instead of him having venom. Ash sheds his skin around every month and I cannot handle him during this time because Ash would it find it uncomfortable.

Corn snakes come from North America and are a species of a rat snake. Ash is nocturnal ,he isn’t very active and sleeps in the day and he is awake more at night. They like to live in woodlands or overgrown fields and places where they can hide. If you have a pet corn snake you have to try and set up their vivarium so it’s like living in the wild for example, Ash has a branch he can slither on, he has some hides and he has a heat pad that is set between 24°c and 30°c.

What they drink:


Things they can eat:

Mouse frozen/live (Ash eats frozen and rats)

Chicks but only when the snake is over 2 years old.




Baby snakes are called snakelets, once the egg is laid the adult snake abandons the egg and does not return to them. Once corn snakes have mated you have to keep them apart because they can become cannibalistic and it takes 4-5 weeks for the eggs to be laid. If a snake is not in the wild, the incubation container must be kept between 78°F and 84°F. The eggs will take between 58 and 62 days to hatch, when they are hatched snakes may remain in the egg for a few days soaking up its nutrients.
Ash is really friendly and cute ands likes to have his picture took.

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