In the meeting on Thursday I did introduce a quiz and before we do a drumroll for the answers I do remember a quiz question being what was the origin of the word ‘quiz’. There are a few suggestions but 'Quiz' was used as a name for a kind of toy, something like a yo-yo, which was popular around 1790, so if your answers are a bit up and down you know why.

1.       How many categories of child abuse are there? 4 (PENS) Physical, Emotional abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse.

2.       Which 3 agencies investigate child abuse? Police Social Care and NSPCC.

3.       Child protection guidance and legislation only covers children up to the age of 16? False (it covers pre-birth to 18 at least.)

4.       Who has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children? Everyone!! –Perhaps the most important answer, its all our responsibility.

5.       All education staff should receive child protection training every 3 years. Already booked in for 2018/19!

The most important area is to recognise that we need to be open about children’s and our concerns the one thing I learnt from being involved in a serious case review was that being secretive was often the problem.

This week going round school conversation has not been in plentiful supply. I have been looking around to see if we are using the rooms and facilities the best possible way. What I have been struck by is that we do lack things like height adjustable sinks, whilst we do have a supply of stuffed animals including a badger, no Santa has left my room I might bring in the badger….just kidding. I have had some fantastic conversations about how much progress our pupils are making it might be in performing, it might be 6th formers at Ulley it might be in walks in the locality for students at NAR but progress, independence and confidence is the mark of progress and if ever you are asked by Ofsted or any of our many impressed visitors tell them and take pride in your part of that progress our pupils make. Yesterday we had Chris Hilliard from the local authority and he had studied archaeology, been a Headteacher and Director of Children’s Services so again another interesting career path, what also was fascinating  was I had a conversation about some family members of his who worked with refugees and a lack of knowledge and confidence with money made them insecure with shopping or even on the bus,  similar issue could  concern be a n issue for some of our pupils but the work done here from EYFS upwards in confidence building and independent skills are the reason why the vast majority of our pupils can leave Newman less dependent, more resilient and a full part of their community. Just keep an eye on the weather for the beginning of February it’s turning colder….

All the very best

Paul Silvester

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