How was the safeguarding quiz? Would you be able to answer the questions if asked? It has been a bit quieter week on the visitor front but lots of activity in and around school. In dealing with many of our pupils there is a lot of background information, some of which it is impossible to share and that is a hard thing but safeguarding is about the twin issues of transparency and confidentiality and it is about doing the right thing at the right time. Talking a few weeks ago to Natalie we had been given some extra funding and we had to ask ourselves what would we do with this – particularly if it needs to spent before the end of next month, so I am asking all of you if we had £10,000 now what would you spend it on – and more importantly what would the impact be? I am welcome to ideas...! Newman has a total budget of just less than £3M it is important we spend ad use it wisely. The pool – or hydrotherapy Spa as I like to call it will cost £1M and we are already thinking of getting the best use of it for our pupils- again thoughts welcome.

Rich has been in touch worth the Museum and I will let you know next week the arrangements for our 70th birthday display and how we are trying to promote Newman and being as outward facing as possible, during April. What I have been struck by this week is the times when staff and pupils look out for each other, it is often mentioned there is no I in team, which is obviously true, but a team has a heart, it has love and it is forgiving. My other team was in action this week too. I was at Bramall Lane on Tuesday night and sitting in the United end of the so called family stand with my 12year old son when Villa scored in the 90th minute and not being able to through my hands up and celebrate was  a very interesting thing, Leo just looked across to see if I was behaving myself. The look of a 12 year old! So sometimes we aren’t able to celebrate our own successes but that does not mean they are not successes.

I have failed in my hopes for snow before Christmas failed but I have bought grippers for my shoes and a spray for the tyres which apparently acts like a snow chain. I shall bring it in to show anyone who is interested –but cold is forecast for much of February. Stay warm and thank-you for your efforts, skills, perseverance and smiles. Keep warm.

All the very best

Paul Silvester

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