Remote Learning Offer

Remote Learning at Newman School 

Newman has adapted to the increasing need for remote education, both during periods of school closure and pupil isolation relating to coronavirus (COVID-19), and strives to provide a bespoke and tailored learning offer which mirrors the curriculum accessed within school whilst meeting the needs of individual students and their families.

Remote learning offer:

The remote learning provided for students will be differentiated according to pupil need and may include:

  • An iPad or laptop provided to support learning
  • Live meetings and/or lessons through Microsoft Teams
  • Work tasks set and shared via email
  • Work set on familiar programmes used in school, such as Conquer Maths and Education City
  • Website links to school programmes
  • Printed resource packs and materials/task boxes

If you have any difficulty accessing online resources or would like to discuss a student’s learning please contact their class teacher at school.

What to expect?

In the event of a whole or partial closure, our remote learning offer aims to reflect the in-school timetable and the quantity of work set is in line with the government guidelines; however each student’s home learning may look different. We will work together with families to form a home learning journey that will be most successful for each individual student.

What might this look like?

EYFS: Task bags/boxes sent home with personalised tasks relating to EHCP targets List of suggested songs/websites to access together Ideas for sensory and play based learning easily accessible in the home Weekly telephone or email contact (or as agreed) with parents. Opportunities to join circle time sessions virtually (if other students are in school) Opportunities for small group or 1:1 Teams sessions (where appropriate).

Primary: Packs of resources and activities appropriate to individuals, including iPads sent home. Suggestions for good resources online. Regular telephone calls to parents/carers to ask how everyone is and if they need more resources or support. Microsoft Teams meetings for children for whom this is appropriate, mainly with individuals rather than groups.

Secondary and 6th Form: Packs of resources and activities appropriate to individuals, including an iPad sent home. Several weekly Microsoft Teams meetings where students can see and speak to their teacher and class staff, as well as friends. Daily tasks set and sent via email to the students’ iPad/email account. Tasks set on familiar programmes such as Conquer Maths, Purple Mash and Education City. Recorded teaching and audio. Links to wider resources such as BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy. Weekly contact with parents to discuss home learning success. Posted resources and paper tasks where appropriate/requested.

NAR: 4 remote lessons a day that following the school timings 3 Maths, 4 English, 3 Science, 2 PFA, 6 Options (His, Art, PSD, Project, Geography, ICT) and 2 P4C lessons, weekly. Daily Microsoft Teams call and emails to set work. Once on calls Teachers run through and chat with students they then split the students into rooms with a CSA to differentiate the work. Activities set using programmes such as Oak Academy or posted out to students. Telephone calls are made to parents weekly; in some cases twice weekly to discuss home learning success.

Accessing Remote Education

Each student has been provided with their own iPad or laptop, which can connect to home Wi-Fi, and an email address to enable them to be able to access remote provision. These devices (126 new Apple iPads and 30 new Lenovo Laptops) were purchased by the school at a cost of £41,580 to supplement the 11 Laptops provided to the school from the DfE.

In the event of closure or pupils isolating, Newman will aim to deliver iPads and learning packs to students’ homes within a day or two. If there are any issues with the iPad or accessing online learning please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Engagement and Feedback

We expect students to actively engage with their remote learning provision whilst not in school and complete the activities and tasks set for them in a timely manner. Where needed, class teachers will give feedback on work completed to students via appropriate channels, such as via emails or telephone calls with families.

We recognise that some students may not be able to access some parts of the learning offer due to illness or other barriers and, whilst the work we provide is differentiated, we acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families. Newman School is here to support and will be in regular contact with families to check how things are going. If you have any questions or requests please contact school by phone.

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