Creative Activities

Activity 1

Look around and find 6 different shapes. Draw them all and colour them in using different patterns (e.g. stripes, dots or squiggles).

Activity 2

Look out of your window and draw what you see. You can colour it in or do it in black and white.

Activity 3

Find your favourite object and draw it in as much detail as possible.

Activity 4

Design your very own superhero, colour it in and write/draw their powers.

Activity 5

Design a cuddly toy and colour it in.

Activity 6

Draw a 3D shape and shade it in.

Activity 7

Find your favourite fruit or vegetables and draw them.

Activity 8

Design 4 of your very own Emoji’s and colour them in.

Activity 9

Design a car for your favourite Superhero or Disney character.

Activity 10

Look in your mirror and draw yourself smiling!

Activity 11

Design a piece of jewellery for an Egyptian King or Queen.

Activity 12

Using only four colours draw an abstract picture by drawing circles, lines, squares and triangles wherever you like on the page. You can overlap them, then colour it in. 

Activity 13

Draw your favourite pet or animal and write its name in a fancy way.

Activity 14

Draw lots of squiggly long lines all over your page making sure they crisscross, then colour in all the fabulous shapes you have created in lots of different colours. 

Activity 15

Draw around your hand and design some amazing false nails OR design lights and lasers coming out of your fingers. Colour them in a spectacular way.

Activity 16

Draw 4 cartoon faces showing happy, sad, angry and excited expressions.

Activity 17

Design your favourite Pizza, colour it in and label it.

Activity 18

Draw the most imaginative book or album cover you can think of.

Activity 19

Draw a large magic crystal of any shape and colour it in. What magic powers does it have?

Activity 20

Design and draw a new chocolate bar. Give it a fabulous name.

Activity 21

Design an exciting cover for a mobile phone or Ipad.

Activity 22

Draw a flower using 3 colours. You can blend the colours together. 

Activity 23

Draw a large plate with your favourite food on it.

Activity 24

Draw an amazing fish in colour or black and white. 

Activity 25

Draw the best birthday present you have ever had and label it.

Activity 26

Design a pair of shoes. They can be trainers, boots or high heels.

Activity 27

Draw some form of extreme weather e.g. Thunderstorm, scorching hot Summer or a Tornado.

Activity 28

Design and draw a new Planet in colour and name it.

Activity 29

Design an Alien who might live on your amazing new planet.

Activity 30

Draw a picture from your favourite holiday.

Activity 31

Design a beautiful Butterfly and colour it in.

Activity 32

Design and draw a fabulous Easter Egg.

Activity 33

Design a character with an amazing hairstyle.

Activity 34

Draw and colour in your very own Dragon.

Activity 35

Draw your name across the top of the page and then write positive words downwards with each letter of your name.

Activity 36

Design your favourite T-Shirt with a positive message to the World.

Activity 37

Design and draw your very own Theme Park.

Activity 38

Draw your best friend or family member.

Activity 39

Draw a made up creature with a big smile.

Activity 40

Design some gloves by drawing around your hands and colouring them in.

Activity 41

Design and draw a hat for the ‘Mad Hatter’ from Alice in Wonderland.

Activity 42

Draw a boat in the sea. Give it an amazing name.

Activity 43

Draw lots of colourful spirals all over your page until it is full.

Activity 44

Design a character that could be part of Toy Story, Frozen, Marvel or Anime. 

Activity 45

Draw the Sun and Moon in an interesting way.

Activity 46

Draw a border around your page and write or draw something positive in the middle.

Activity 47

Design a bag for life that has a positive message on it.

Activity 48

Draw yourself with a fancy hairstyle.

Activity 49

Design your name in a very creative way.

Activity 50

Design your very own amazing cake or cupcake.

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