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Week Commencing 15th June

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Week commencing 30th March

Week 1 - Make a pretend school - keep a structure - have fun!

Say 'good morning'

Say good morning to toys/ dolls. Write name labels on pieces of paper ask your child to read the label and give to the toy. If they could only identify the first letter say which label says T for Thomas.

Greeting songs

YouTube link – if you have internet access

Maths activities

Counting songs

Google counting songs 1-5 , 1-10 , 1-20 , The big number song . Remember you can count backwards as well!

Maths activities

Maths / Number activities

Top marks maths is very good

As well as doing counting adding and subtraction you can do simple activities at home .

a) Who has more /less of ingredients at home

b) Which cup is full/ empty in the washing up bowl

c) Colour matching things at home

d) Sort out big / small

e) Pair socks

f) You don’t have to use counters to do maths you can use everyday objects – cups spoons etc.

g) Practice letter formation ( watch to make sure the start at the correct point

English Activities


At Newman we follow the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme.

Youtube – Phase 2

Youtube – Phase 3


We are currently working on a block of traditional tales .However any story is good . Look at any Characters in the story. Ask questions

“What, Where, When, Who and Why?”

Have fun with stories and enjoy!

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