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Cultural Awareness

As part of their Media Studies AQA Unit Awrds KS5B have been finding out about other European countries.


View on YouTube


KS5B have been finding out key facts about different European countries, so far they have discovered information about Poland, Spain and France. The pupils have been learning how to use a green screen and video cameras.


This video is the one that they made with information about Poland. Fingers crossed the other videos will be done soon.




The Dragon of Krakow Trailer


KS5B's work is coming along nicely, this is a preview of the first scene they have made.


Well done KS5B!

Minecraft modelling



Kaiden has made a fantastic scale model in Minecraft.

If you look closely you can see him sat on the shoulder! Kaiden put in a lot of effort into making sure that his model was as accurate as possible. 

Brilliant work Kaiden, well done.



Coming soon(ish)!

KS5B are working on a media project called the 'Dragon of Krakow'.


Pupils in KS5B are working a a stop motion animation of the Polish folk story called the Dragon of Krakow. The story focuses around a dragon that lives in a cave on a hill. The students have made some characters ready to start some of the animation after the Christmas Holidays. Keep checking the website for updates to the story.

On Air!

On Wednesday morning, Lee and Declan had their Christmas song played on local radio.



'I thought it was a fantastic experience.' - Lee

Lee and Declan had their local radio debut on the Wednesday morning show on Redroad FM. They had their song played two times. Lee and Declan had a great time in the studio.


'I saw the Sheffield United mascot, Captain Blade.' - Dec

Declan had a special message for everyone listening at Newman School 'Hello everyone at Newman School merry xmas.'

Adam's Christmas Cookies

Adam M has made some beautiful Christmas cookies.



In maths Adam has made some lovely cookies, decorated with a Christmas theme.


'I used 125g butter, 150g flour, 70g sugar, 1 egg yolk and a drop of milk. That made a total of about 345g of ingerdients. I'm going to think about sharing them with my Mum, but no promises!'


School Status

School finishes for the Easter Holidays on Friday 27th March 2015 and reopens on Monday 13th April 2015.

Pupil of the Week


With 9 points awarded including for
"Indian food making"
Many congratulations and well done!

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