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Summer Activities

summer reading

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Staff at Newman School have made a video for pupils who are leaving Newman School this year.

Mrs Neeley had a vision... The staff of Newman School dancing along to Pharrell Williams' song Happy. After lots of takes and many hours editing the film was shown in the final assembly to all the leavers.



Thank you...

One of the pupils leaving Newman this year prepared a speech and read it out in the final assembly.


'I've tried to keep this short and sweet.


I've come a long way since starting Newman nearly 3 years ago and in those 3 years I've grown stronger and more confident as a person and have changed for the better.


When I first started school I was a considerably different person to who I am now. I was very reserved, very shy and you would have been extremely lucky to get me in the same room as somebody else.


But now, thanks to all my fellow friends, staff and teachers, I am a better person. If it wasn't for the staff's continued support and overwhelming dedication, I wouldn't have even been able to pluck up the courage to be in this hall right now. 


As I have been coming to this school for the past few years, I have made many friends whom I've shared many memories with. Memories that I shall remember for a very long time to come. I just want to say a very big thank you, thank you Newman for making me into a new-man.


Now, in the infamous words of Mr License, I shall now log off and bog off.'


Needless to say, there were many tears shed in assembly at such a wonderfully written and fantastically delivered speech. The pupil who wrote this speech has made truly outstanding progress during his time at Newman. He even became chairperson of the student council.


Well done Matt, good luck in the future.


Romeo and Juliet Workshops

Pupils at Newman School are rehearsing Romeo and Juliet before a performance on Friday.



Tom and Sam have made a brilliant piece of art work for the school reception so everyone who visits school will know what the pupils are doing. Marcus helped to make a time lapse film of Tom and Sam creatingtheir art work.



Well done Sam, Tom and Marcus. Excellent work.

KS5B Media Film Club

As part of their AQA Unit Award Scheme KS5B Media Studies group are reviewing some films.


The first film they reviewed was 'The Simpsons Movie'.


Kainat's review:

'It's good because I like it when homer and Bart go fishing. I do not like it when Homer's house is on fire. I like it at the end when Homer and his wife are dancing.'

Kamila's review:

'It's very funny when Homer's Dad started shouting in church. It's bad when Nelson was bullying Bart. It was bad when Homer had te pig and he treated it like it was a little child and Bart was upset. I liked it when Homer said sorry to his family.'

Aleysha's review:

'I like the bit when Homer leaves to save Springfield. I don't like the bit where Homer's family leave him behind in Alaska. I like the ending of the film where Homer saves Springfield.'

Ryan's review:

'The opening theme rock song is good. Good things are Flanders helping the Simpsons and Homer saving Springfield.'

Luke's review:

'Good things about the film are; Homer is romantic with Marge, Homer and Bart get back together as friends, Flanders is funny, the music. Bad things about the film are; Lisa punishes Bart, Lisa is unhappy.


The Blue Sky & Poppies

 Today (24th of June), KS5B Have been looking for pictures of beautiful things outside (and enjoying the lovely weather!).


Ryan - A Blue Sky


Ryan used his communication aid to say 'I looked up at the sky and it was nice.'.


Aleysha's poppies


Aleysha said 'I like the colours in my picture.'


Excellent work Ryan and Aleysha, well done!

Storybook Day

storybookAs part of the Rotherham Children's Festival, a group of students attended 'Storybook Day' at the New York Stadium. They created a comic, listened to a story about a mermaid mother and met an author. To finish the day off, they also watched a fantastic performance of 'The Railway Children'. A great day was had by all and we even got a certificate for participating in a writing competition! 


School Status

School finishes for pupils on Thursday the 22nd of October and re-opens on Monday the 2nd of November.

Pupil Premium

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House Points

house points


Neck and neck going into the last two weeks of the year! Keep earning those points for your house!

Meet the Student Council

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Deputy Chairperson
Safety Officer

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