Obituary - Julie Mott


It is with great sadness I have to report that my predecessor as Headteacher at Newman School, Julie Mott died on Saturday night from the Coronavirus.

The awful impact of this virus is being felt across the world and the heart wrenching circumstances of each individual loss has been truly brought to the fore with the news about Julies passing.

Head teachers stand, on the shoulders of those that have been before us. I inherited a strong, capable and dedicated staff team across all the areas of Newman School. I inherited a school developing in terms of a new pool that was brought to life by Julie. I inherited a school that knew itself and had the warmth of care and respect, more importantly I inherited a family.

The Newman family – one that shares all the love, tensions, joys and humour that is so important in all aspects of a successful family life. I had only a few shared moments with Julie, but being at the opening of the new Hydrotherapy Pool, Julie was able to see years of her work come together for the students of Newman School; there was true joy in her eyes to see it being completed. It was not about personal achievement, although it was, it was an achievement for the children the pupils and the benefits they would achieve from the pool.

Julie helped many staff personally, professionally through good times and bad. Many staff as this sad news has broken, shared stories of her kindness, determination, support, sense of humour and laughter that has been so warmly remembered.

She worked incredibly long hours with a passion for our children and staff, she remained dedicated to them after her retirement. Amongst many of the details in this sad news is the shortness of the time in retirement in which she shared aspirations and memorable moments with friends and family.

Our final thoughts though are with her strength and determination, it is these skills that drove Julie and her memory and her success will live long at Newman. With happy memories and thanks in our hearts we say farewell as we remember the achievements, personal stories and the laughter of Julie’s time at Newman.

Farewell Julie from Newman.

– Paul Silvester, Head teacher, Newman School

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